Trail Users’ Checklist & Preparing for a Hike [Print Version]

Gully to Nuttby Trail System
– Earltown, NS -
Updated Feb. 2011

This is a Wilderness Trail System with all that implies – icy in season, wet, muddy, uneven ground, fallen branches and trees, etc. – and beautiful. Children must be closely supervised.

Low-impact wilderness recreation is encouraged in the NS Protected Wilderness Areas. Please recognize that you are on your own and you must accept responsibility for your personal health and safety.  Maps and snowshoes are available at Sugar Moon Farm Pancake House during hours of operation.

1. Remember, a wilderness trail system (walking paths), is not accessible by vehicles nor is it patrolled. Appropriate footwear and a reasonable level of fitness are required.
2. Plan ahead and prepare. Honestly assess your skills and equipment, and know your limits as well as those of all members of your group.
3. Choose a route appropriate to your abilities. Check weather conditions and forecast for the area (  Carry a watch to keep track of time. It may take longer than you think.
4. There is NO CELL PHONE coverage in the Gully Lake to Nuttby Trail System. Never hike alone and notify a friend or neighbor of your destination & expected time of return.
5. Sections of trail are groomed only for CE-TS sponsored and scheduled events. Maintenance is done annually or when problems are reported.
6. Sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing are required. Dress in layers, and be ready for all possible weather conditions. For blisters and hot spots use moleskin or bandages immediately to stop further damage and relieve pain. Keep your feet dry.
7. Carry a light day pack with a map of the area, compass, waterproof matches, whistle, jackknife, basic first aid kit, sun and insect protection, water, a high-energy snack (eg. granola, or fruit bars, trail mix, fruit, candy), dry socks (and mittens in season), pencil and paper.
8. Stay on the trail.
Maps: All trails have “orientation” or “you are here” maps posted at decision points with a red arrow indicating your current location.
  Markers: Trails are marked with yellow or red markers. There is no special meaning attached to colour. A change means you have passed onto a different section of trail.
  Standing at one marker, you normally can see the next (looking forward or backward). If you cannot, you may have turned the wrong way. Take two steps forward and look again. If you don’t see the next marker, Go back. The trail probably took a slight turn at the last marker.
9. When you register for an event sponsored by CE-TS, you sign a Waiver and agree to take responsibility for your own experience on the trail. You agree to follow the advice or instructions of the leader and guide. The leader, in his or her sole judgment, has the authority and discretion to alter routes as local conditions require.
10. Because the leader is responsible for the safety of the group as a whole, you are not permitted to separate from the group – either by purposely lagging far behind or by selecting an alternate route.
  Never approach wild animals. Don’t run – slowly back away giving them a wide berth. View from a distance.
A number of Earltown residents, knowledgeable about the trails, have agreed to phone 911 in an emergency:
Norris Whiston (G-N Trail Committee – Chair)
657-3476 (h)
4945  Highway 311, Earltown
Quita Gray / Scott Whitelaw
657-3348 Sugar Moon Farm,
Alex MacDonald Road, Earltown
Ineka W. Bakker
895-1887 (h)  897-5166 (w)\
1199 Kemptown Road, Earltown
Garnet MacLaughlin (Trails Consultant; CE-TS – Chair)
647-2271 (h)  890-0771 (mobile)
3361 Highway 2, Economy
Layton Lynch
657-0110 (mobile)
5532 Highway 311, Earltown
Sheila Wilson
895-2007 (h)
165 Loop Old Highway 4, Kemptown
That being said, you are entirely free, and in fact encouraged, to organize your own group to explore the trails at any other time. CE-TS members will be happy to share their knowledge and experiences to help you prepare.
Compliments, complaints, suggestions are gratefully received by email:  or in person by Norris Whiston or by the staff at Sugar Moon Farm Pancake House on weekends.

Enjoy the Trails – Safely!

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